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HIPCOMIX.COM is proud to bring it's readers the all new, all original adventures of ELECTRON, JOLT, WIND PRINCESS AND DANGER DAME by JPEGER. Also in our weekly updates viewers will enjoy the adventures of MS. MIDNITE, MIDNITE GIRL, CAPTAIN MIDNITE AND KID MIDNITE, and enjoy the villainy of DOCTOR BENWAY, THE AUSTRALIAN, THE ZAMBONI CRIME FAMILY, and also featuring the heroics of members of the JUSTICE LEGION and their evil counter-parts, THE CAPITAL CITY ROGUES' GALLERY by TIMO and UGPSOBTA ! Poser Artist, TWO DIZZY creates the monthly adventures of GEM, featuring DIAMOND, SAPPHIRE, JADE AND TOPAZ !, MADCURSE tells the adventures of his all-original characters, THE NIGHT JAR and SKY ANGEL ! Also, each month, features another installment of the post apocolyptic adventure, IMMORTAL WASTELAND,featuring TOSHA and her android, CYGNUS! And starting this July JPEGER presents the all-new adventures of his amazing character, BLUNDER WOMAN !

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